All Assess Insurance Assessors

All Assess are insurance assessors in Gauteng, South Africa. We investigate insurance claims arising from accidental damage to property, including as a result of weather damage (e.g. lightening, water damage, hail damage, etc.) or fires.

Our Values

At All Assess we pride ourselves on transparency and on assisting both the claimant and the insurer in ensuring the best possible outcome. We investigate the possibility of repairs in addition to the costs of replacement. We have an extensive network of local experts who can be liaised with in order to effect prompt repairs. When an item is submitted for repairs we continue to follow up with the repairer to ensure that the repairs are affected promptly.

At All Assess we believe that it is our independence and integrity that sets us apart. We work with the insurance company in ensuring that the claim falls within the scope of the policy of the insured. We provide the insurance company with a comprehensive report of all the circumstances surrounding the claim, including supporting documentation and supplementary evidence (including photographs and video footage if necessary). We ensure that claims are handled efficiently, ethically and timeously.

At All Assess, we take pride in our personal and professional service. Our excellent people skills allow us to establish the veracity of claims and to preserve the high quality relationships that insurers maintain with their clients.

Because we are local we have knowledge of the unique circumstances in each area. This means that we are able to ensure that claims are assessed comprehensively and that all relevant factors are included in the assessment of the claim.

All Assess's two primary assessors have a combined experience of over 40 years in telecommunications, safety, construction and investigations they bring the necessary expertise required to evaluate insurance claims to the table.

All Assess do not simply assess a claim, write a report and hand it over to the insurance company. We work with the insurance company and the client to ensure that the claim is satisfactorily and promptly resolved to the satisfaction and benefit of both the insurance company and the claimant. We invite you to read more about the All Assess process.